Infrastructure + Resident + City

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I have been shamelessly behind in reading Dan Hill’s fantastic City of Sound blog over the past year for no good reasons. For anyone interested in larger questions of urbanism, design, culture, it is a must read. An older post I ran across captured a critique of an Australian National Urban Policy discussion paper from […]

Life in the Tails: Behavioral Economics

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The question of merging individual (or organizational) decision-making with infrastructure design and management is supremely interesting, though not often engaged by the engineering community. For urban infrastructure, social systems are a key component of function. Individual decisions are influenced by personal views, interactions with peers, and larger social trends. This may not have a lot […]

Balancing System Health Across Environmental, Social, and Ecological Metrics

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The American ethos has evolved to encompass a new kind of environmental consciousness. Current popular notions of environmentalism in the U.S. focus less on government responses to mitigate readily-observable pollution, and more on personal and collective actions that reconcile goals of economic growth and resource conservation. This is encompassed by the term sustainability, which has […]

Science and Technology Governance: an STS Perspective

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Building tools and frameworks that enable researchers to effectively describe the myriad relationships between actors, artifacts, institutions, policies, and values is a continuing challenge in studying the evolution of technological systems. STS has developed some of these new tools, such as actor-network theory, that enable flexible yet potentially specific levels of analysis. The development of […]

Entrepreneurship and Second-Hand Clothes in Tanzania

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Excerpts from a paper: “Old Socks for Start-Ups: How Second-Hand Clothes Markets Exemplify Undervalued Entrepreneurship in Poorer Nations and Consumption-Dependent Growth.” The paper discusses the promise of entrepreneurship, the ambition of entrepreneurs throughout the globe, and the reality of the global second-hand clothes trade. When I was in Tanzania leading a study-abroad program, a lot […]